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Office Layout Tips

Your current office layout has a lot to say about the way your office performs and how comfortable your staff are. 5 days out of 7 are spent in the office in the working environment, so as an employer making the space suitable for those long hours is a priority.

From privacy to screening, there are many simple and inexpensive ways the office can be adapted. All it takes is some feedback and an open mind to bring the office into the present.

Regular movement

Those who are used to working within the office will be accustom to the fact that movement is limited. Other than making drinks and using the restrooms, you’ll probably be sat down for the majority of the day. As we know, being sat down for long periods of time isn’t ideal and doesn’t add to our health and fitness.

As always there are changes to be made which can help with movement throughout the day. The first option would be going for a walk on your breaks, but this isn’t feasible for all places of work. So, introducing standing desks, will provide you with the choice on how you work.

The standing desks can be used whilst you sit down or can be raised to standing height. Much research has been done to conclude the benefits of standing whilst working, one of them including a larger amount of calories are burned.

Natural Light

Natural light in the office will have a more of an effect than you could imagine. Lifting moods, bringing positivity and brightening the day. Exposure to natural day light can boost vitamin D, improve sleep and give you that extra boost you need to see you through the day.

By keeping the blinds open and welcoming the light into the space, the hope is with lifted moods and heightened concentration, productivity will excel also.

Creating Personal Space

Office spaces are a shared space and at times can be over whelming and loud. Open plan offices are stylish, open and light – but come with an equal amount of down sides.

With the help of freestanding and desktop office screens, large open spaces and desktops can be divided. By doing so, privacy is added and strategically separates areas of the office for different uses.

In addition to dividing the office, acoustic office screens are know for assisting with productivity levels. You might ask how this is possible? It’s easy! The acoustic foam absorbs surrounding noise, which in turn has an effect on productivity. When daily distractions have been taken away, it’s surprising to see the positive effect this can have.