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3 Ways That COVID Has Changed Your Office Forever

With the arrival of COVID-19, every work place has changed and adapted. This means the changes and differences we once saw as temporary could be a permanent fixture, and we mean this in a positive way.

We’ve seen a shift in the way an office can run in hard times, so it only makes sense that this could apply when we return to normal. Here are 3 ways in which your office will change forever & quite possibly with a positive outcome.

Working From Home

Many offices and job roles were deemed office jobs only, and that the presence in the office was needed in order to run smoothly. It’s without a doubt, job roles have been pushed to the limits to ensure daily activities and tasks can still be completed.

Heading into the future, after COVID-19, working from home or at least the choice to work from home will be on the table. Difficult circumstances have forced the realisation that being away from the office can prove successful and in some instances even more productive for those who appreciate a different working location.


Flexibility has been asked from us all. In our day to day living, in the workplace and with our family. But most of all, businesses have had to deter from what they know and lead the business in a different direction.

The ability to be flexible has allowed businesses to continue and strive in many ways during a difficult time. Going forward, the need to work from home, change the direction of the business and implement new ideas will come with ease.

Office Screens

Acoustic office screens have been a popular choice within the work place to divide and separate open plan offices, whilst offering sound proofing to the area.

We predict office screening will be in place for longer than before with the need to separate and safeguard the office and employees for as long as necessary. The need will be focused towards acrylic and laminate options, allowing the seating areas to be cleaned after use.

Another benefit of the laminate screening is the ability to refocus the use. Utilise the screens for learning and education purposes, making the most out of your screen investment.